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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Monday 11th - Friday 15th March

Next week in Hollyoaks, Mac wants James killed, Ste's lured in by the far-right during a special episode on Thursday and the Maaliks have a traditional Indian meal.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Mac wants James killed

And asks Breda to do the killing

A furious Mac puts pressure on Donna-Marie to get Juliet to like him and tells her that blood will be spilt unless he gets his family back.

Donna-Marie interrupts Juliet's lunch with James and Romeo to ask her to come home. However she ends up joining them. Spotting them through the window, Mac decides to join them and tells Breda that she has to kill James before the court case starts.


Ste is lured in by the far-right

As his anger towards the Maaliks intensifies

When Tony overhears Imran saying how he's going to leave his family and return to anger therapy, his guilt sets in and he tells Misbah and Yazz how it was Ste who taunted Imran into being violent.

After being confronted by Sami at The Bean, Ste reacts by pushing him to the floor and ends up losing his job after new boss Stuart spots the altercation. But later, when him and Jonny speak about Ste, it becomes clear that they're purposely aggravating his hatred for the Maaliks and want to recruit him for something.

Egged on by Jonny and Ste, Leah gets into trouble at school after she blames Imran for Ste not being able to afford to pay the bills or the holiday she was promised. As Ste goes to smash Sami's car up, he is stopped by Jonny who later secures Ste his job back and offers to help him with his bills by moving in.

During Thursday's special episode, Ste gets introduced to a group of friends, who he doesn't realise all have far right extremist views. After Peri confronts Ste over Jonny's racist comments the night before, Jonny convinces Ste that he wasn't being racist and what he said had been misconstrued.

When he attends a football match with Lucas, Jonny, Stuart and their friends, Ste feels out of his depth and desperate to fit in.

Stuart assures Ste that he can fit into this group of mates and takes him under his wing, telling him that it doesn’t matter whether he’s gay, or into football, or an alcoholic. As they talk, Jonny and his friends are involved in a racially motivated attack outside.


The Maaliks have a traditional Indian meal

But not everyone's best pleased by the guests

After taking a shine to Liberty, Kameela secretly invites her to lunch with the family. As she prepares a big lunch for her special guest, Sami is not pleased when he realises who it is and that she has gone behind his back.

But Liberty isn't the only surprise guest after Grace turns up having been invited by Farrah.


Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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