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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Monday 22nd - Friday 26th April

Next week in Hollyoaks, Brody kidnaps Laurie, Tony drags up for Lily's fundraiser, Goldie plays matchmaker and Jonny comes face to face with the man he attacked.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Brody kidnaps Laurie

But will it force him to confess?

Meeting with Sally, Sienna details the sexual harassment claims she made against Laurie at the Easter Fete. Suspicious that there might be something in her claims, Sinead meets up with Sami to ask whether he could do some digging about another girl who accused Laurie of harassment.

Sinead is shocked when Sami says he already knows about 'Georgia' and even more shocked when he reveals that Laurie paid her to keep quiet. Lying to Sinead, he tells her that he refused to be his lawyer.

Despite confronting him about Georgia and threatening to tell Sally about her, Sinead decides to give Laurie another chance.

But things go from bad to worse for Laurie after he's kidnapped in his car by Brody who wants him to confess about what he did to Sienna. But will he?

Meanwhile, Sally confronts Sienna over Brody abducting and Sinead tells Laurie that Misbah has selected her for a residential training course so she has to go away for a few weeks.


Tony drags up for Lily's fundraiser

After Scott pulls out

Lisa spots a poster for Lily's fundraising night at The Dog and thinks Scott should perform there in Drag. But when Scott refuses to do his drag act for the fundraiser quiz, Tony decides to do it instead!

Meanwhile, looking for a distraction after Lily's death, Scott looks for a hook-up on a dating app and has a date with an older man, clearly not his type.


Goldie plays matchmaker

As she sets Walter up on a blind date

Attempting to cheer Walter up and get him to warm to the idea of Cleo and Mitchell dating, Goldie sets him up on a blind date with Marnie. And what will happen when Nana and Goldie crash Mitchell and Cleo’s date?

Elsewhere, Mercedes books grief-stricken Prince a hair appointment but when he arrives at the salon, Jesse is out but Liam steps in. Worried he's up to no good, Mercedes and Goldie warn Liam to stay away from Prince.


Jonny comes face to face with the man he attacked

But should the far right group be afraid of Shahid?

Ste makes a "joke" caption about Misbah's medical abilities on a photograph from the fete where she looks upset. Oblivious to the lads racist agenda, Ste is talked into anonymously making a meme of it.

Ordering a takeaway, little do Jonny, Peri and Ste know that the delivery man is Shahid, the man they attacked the other week. As Jonny takes Peri and Ste for a family day outing, they're watched by Shahid. Once spotted by Jonny he calls Stuart for backup, just as Shahid approaches.

Looking through Jonny's phone, Ste reads his messages with Stuart who later confesses to Ste that the lads did beat Shahid up the other week. But it was because he was part of a gang who were goading them.

Telling Ste that they need to send them a message, Stuart and the gang manage to get Ste on board as he calls the same takeaway. Only this time, it's Shahid's brother Amir who turns up.


Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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