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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Monday 13th - Friday 17th May

Next week in Hollyoaks, Liam and Mercedes crash Harry's car, Laurie and Sienna await the results of the school investigation and Imran has a difficult time at school.

Here are all the latest spoilers and pics you need...

Liam and Mercedes crash Harry's car

But are they alright? And did they hit anyone?

Having agreed to chaperone Max on his school trip, Mercedes grabs a biscuit tin to bring with her, not knowing that Prince has hidden cocaine in it.

After getting a mysterious text, Harry borrows money off James and goes to meet them with the cash, but when he gets to where his car was parked he notices that it's gone. However he doesn’t report it, as he suspects Romeo has taken it.

When Liam finds Mercedes upset, he tells her to come with him for some fun and after spotting Harry’s car, they decide to take it for a spin.

Whilst driving home, they end up arguing, which leads to the car swerving in to some roadworks. As they regain consciousness, Mercedes is certain they hit someone and Liam gets out to check. Spotting a shoe, he kicks it out of sight.

Realising that Romeo doesn’t have his car, Harry reports it stolen, whilst Mercedes asks Breda to help her change.


Laurie and Sienna await the results of the school investigation

With the school investigation about Laurie and Sienna over, Sienna, Brody, Sinead and Laurie arrive at the school to hear the results of the sexual harassment investigation. But will they like what they hear?

Earlier, Laurie tries to manipulate his way out of going to therapy, but Sinead makes sure he doesn’t make any excuses. Worried, Sienna tries to get information from Courtney about whether she will be able to return to the school, and Laurie sees them talking.

Meanwhile, Sinead is furious at Laurie when she suspects he didn’t go to his anger management session.


Imran has a difficult time at school

Thanks to Stuart’s son, Sid


Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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