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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February

Next week in Hollyoaks, Nancy moves on from Darren, Sinead reveals all about Sienna's past to Laurie and Mac doesn't respond well to Alfie's announcement.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Nancy moves on from Darren... with Kyle!

With Nancy stressing about the Ofsted inspection, she admits that she misses Darren so Kyle installs a dating app on her phone, without her permission.

After a fair bit of convincing, Nancy agrees to go on a date with someone from the dating app but when her date is a no show, Kyle feels guilty and comforts her, which leads to a spark of romance.

Later, Darren Charlie and Oscar are shocked to catch Nancy and Kyle undressed on the sofa!


Sinead reveals all about Sienna's past to Laurie

After thinking that Laurie asked her out on a date, Sienna is mortified and to prove she can be

trusted, Laurie sets her the task of making Papier-mâché masks for the Ofsted inspection. as Brody helps Sienna, he freezes after seeing an article about Buster's trial and Sienna later wakes up to find a sleepwalking Brody destroying all the masks.

Panicking, Sienna shows Laurie the destroyed masks and he's happy to help her with her lesson plan. And Sienna can later breathe a sigh of relief when Sally tells her how impressed Ofsted were.

On Laurie's suggestion, Sienna agrees to a double date with him and Sinead at The Hutch. Whilst Brody is showing off his cocktail making skills with Sinead, Nancy spots Laurie and Sienna getting close and warns Sinead to be careful with the “husband stealing witch” Sienna.

Set on not letting Sienna steal her husband, Sinead tells Laurie all about Sienna’s past.


Mac doesn't respond well to Alfie's announcement

Having not yet told their families about America, Yazz and Alfie decide to tell them all together. But when Romeo overhears Alfie practising his speech, he mistakes it for a manic episode.

As Yazz tells her family, they're all happy for her, however Misbah waits for her daughter to leave before breaking down in tears. As for Alfie's family, they too are happy with the news, except for Mac who tries to guilt trip Alfie into staying.

When they’re in the garden, Mac taunts him, by saying his that love with Jade was just puppy love. But not letting Mac manipulate Alfies any longer, James vows to tell Alfie the truth about Mac swapping Cindy’s medication, if he stops Alfie leaving. Instead, Mac decides to leave with Alfie.

As she catches Mac packing his bag, Donna-Marie confesses her love for him and begs him not to go. How does Mac respond? By belittling her and kicking her out.

But will he have a change of heart when she promises to help him take James and Marnie down if he lets her stay?


Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4

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