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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Monday 4th - Friday 8th February

Next week in Hollyoaks, Mandy and Darren clash, Juliet takes advantage of Darren's kindness and it's over for Mercedes and Liam.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...


Mandy and Darren clash

Over what's right for their unborn child

After discovering that she's eligible for an operation on her unborn child which minimises the symptoms of spina bifida, Mandy turns to Luke for advice after Darren believe the operation will be too risky.

This leads Mandy and Darren to fight, each believing what they think is right for the baby. But after a heart-to-hear with Brooke over her autism and the baby's diagnosis, will Mandy change her mind?


Juliet takes advantage of Darren's kindness

And Brooke suspects that Juliet fancies Ollie

Darren helps Juliet, Brooke and Ollie with their poems for school that they've been asked to do about each other. However as they hand them in, Brooke spots Juliet pocketing the poem Darren wrote about Ollie and is convinced that she fancies him.

Little does she know it's actually Darren that she fancies. So much so that after taking a selfie with him when he was asleep, Juliet prints it and posts it under the Morgan's door, in a bid to split him and Mandy up.

And when Darren gives Juliet a diary as a belated birthday present… she’s still infatuated with him.


It's over for Mercedes and Liam

But has he left it too late to make a go of things with Lisa?

When Joel sees Mercedes coming out of The Loft, he tells her to stay away from Liam as he’s a bad influence. But will Mercedes be able to resist him when he turns up at The Dog flat with more champagne and ready to party?

Having left her laptop at Liam's, Lisa storms in to the flat to get it forcing Mercedes to hide upstairs. To stop her searching the whole place for he laptop, Liam invites Lisa on a date.

After agreeing, Lisa turns up the next day for lunch, only for Liam to cancel on her and instead storm his way into the McQueens to threaten Sylver and tell him that he's been sleeping with Mercedes.

But when Mercedes dumps Liam, he seeks comfort from Lisa.


Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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