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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Monday 11th - Friday 15th February

Next week in Hollyoaks, Goldie questions Joel over the stolen money, Sylver is shot, Cleo gets a shock and Sinead forgets her one year anniversary.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Goldie questions Joel over the stolen money

After realising that he didn't return it

But will she accept his reasons why? And what will happen when Joel steals drugs from Grace and leaves a white feather?


Sylver is shot

But was Liam responsible?

After opening up to Mercedes about missing his dad, Liam takes her to the fairground and as they get intimate in Liam's car, Mercedes is horrified to find a gun in the drawer.

With Max and Bobby too scared to return to The Dog, Sylver pops over to pick up Bobby's homework and finds Mercedes and Liam together. After seeing Liam's gun in his bag, Sylver flips and goes to kick Liam out.

As he does so, a fight ensues, the gun goes off and Sylver is shot! Having heard the gunshot, Cleo rushes in to find Mercedes with Sylver in her arms. Whilst Mercedes tells her to ring an ambulance, Sylver tells her not to as he worries that Liam will frame Mercedes and she’ll lose the kids.

Inspired by his mum’s faith, Liam turns to Joel for help, wanting to find strength in God but as Sylver lies wounded in Mercedes arms, is their romance over before it’s begun?


Cleo gets a shock

During Nana's stripper night

When Mitchell asks Cleo out on a date, what will she say? And despite Cleo suggesting that The Dog should have classier themed nights, Nana hosts a stripper night instead... and the stripper turns out to be Mitchell!

When he pulls an awkward Cleo onto the stage, she runs off and falls.


Sinead forgets her one year anniversary

Which makes Laurie question his sweet gesture

Surprising her with breakfast, Laurie also presents Sinead with documents to officially change Hannah’s second name to Shelby.

Having forgotten completely about their anniversary, Sinead gets Tony to help her make a lavish dinner as a present. But as Laurie comes home, he overhears Sinead telling Tony that Laurie can never know about "it". It being her and Tony's affair.

Not wanting to tell Laurie the real secret, Sinead tells Laurie that she thinks he’s sleeping with Sienna. He’s furious and tells her that maybe Hannah shouldn’t have his surname.

As Laurie goes back to work and tells Sienna about it, Sienna invites Laurie for pizza with Brody and when Sinead turns up, Brody insists she joins. After spotting Sinead and Tony talking, Laurie approaches Tony who tells him that Sinead is worried he’s sleeping with Sienna.

Bringing Hannah to school, Laurie asks Sienna to look after her who wells up when Hannah asks her about her children. With Sinead's jealousy going into overdrive, Sinead tries to get into Laurie's emails at school.

As Sienna and Laurie come in, she hides under the desk. But will she get caught?


Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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