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Hope is the number one suspect behind Corrie's salon flat fire

But will Tyrone let Alina believe it was Fiz?

Despite Tyrone’s attempts to make Hope feel included in the plans for the baby, she feels abandoned when he starts planning drinks to celebrate the pregnancy and then rushes off to the hospital with Alina who has suffered some stomach pains.

At the hospital, the sonographer confirms that the baby is fine and having collected Hope on their way, Tyrone and Alina return home.

Alina is delighted when Hope presents her with a toy dinosaur for the baby. But as Tyrone and Alina excitedly discuss the fact they’re having a boy, Hope stares at the dinosaur with mounting fury. When Fiz collects her she steals Alina’s keys.

Admitting she’s tired, Alina persuades Tyrone that he should attend the drinks he has arranged at the hotel with his friends and leave her to have an early night.

Fiz is shocked when Hope declares that she wants nothing to do with the new baby and hopes he’s never born and orders her up to bed. Sneaking out of the back door, Hope lets herself into the salon flat to retrieve her dinosaur, believing Alina to be out at the drinks.

As she lets herself back into No.9, Fiz is none the wiser and back at the salon flat, Alina sleeps soundly as smoke starts to creep under her bedroom floor.

On the street, Eileen and Sally are horrified to realise the salon flat is on fire and after taking a call from Evelyn, a shocked Tyrone tells Kirk they need to get home.

When Alina is loaded into the ambulance, Fiz, Evelyn, Sally and Eileen stand back and Tyrone arrives and climbs in with her.

As Hope watches from her bedroom window, was the fire anything to do with her?

Shaken after her ordeal, Alina sits up in her hospital bed and assures Tyrone that both she and the baby are fine.

In the cafe, Tyrone, Fiz and Evelyn discuss the fire and the possible causes, with Hope quick to point out that Alina was alone in the flat so the fire must be her fault.

Outside the salon flat, the fire investigation officer tells Tyrone that it would seem the fire was started by an aromatherapy candle and Alina is horrified to think that she caused the fire with one of her candles.

Evelyn's suspicions grow after Hope asks her if the person who started the fire will get into trouble after spotting Craig talking to the fire investigation officer. Fiz is shocked when Evelyn suggests that Hope might know more about the fire than she’s letting on and immediately leaps to Hope’s defence.

Having gone over the fire officer’s findings in her mind, Alina tells Tyrone that in order for the fire to have started in the cot, someone must have moved the candle. As they try to make sense of the fire, they're stunned to find out from the police that an accelerant was used to start the fire and it is being investigated as arson.

Realising her keys are gone, Alina says someone must have let themselves in and bemused by how shaken Fiz is by the turn of events, he quizzes her about the missing keys.

Later, Fiz tells Hope they need to talk about the fire. And as Tyrone and Fiz try to work out how to deal with Hope, Alina tells Craig that she thinks Fiz started the fire.

Will Tyrone tell the police they think Hope started the fire?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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