I TALK Bad Education

Since hearing about Bad Education, a sitcom set in a school I could not wait to watch the first episode.

A few months down the line and the series, produced by Tiger Aspect has just had it's debut on BBC Three. With a fair bit of press coverage leading up to it, I bet you're all thinking 'Did it live up to the hype?', well keep reading to find out what I made of it. Think Waterloo Road with less gangs, less fires and a heavy dose of humour.

Jack Whitehall, best known for his stand-up is increasingly becoming better known for his ability to act, first in Fresh Meat and now Bad Education. Not content with just starring in a sitcom he has decided to write one, which in fact has been a work in progress for three years. And naturally gives himself the lead character to play, Alan Wickers.

The first opening of episode one would have left you thinking that Alfie Wickers was in fact a pupil as we see him getting told off for wearing a hood, being intimidated by some of the school's harder lads and throwing up in a classroom sink after what seems like a one house party too many. However he ends up in a classroom and we find out that he is in fact Mr Wickers, a teacher who at times seems better suited to being a pupil and often the biggest kid in the class.