I TALK Broadchurch (Series 3)

Broadchurch is returning for its third and final series, but does the series live up to expectations?

There’s no denying that the first series of Broadchurch back in 2013 was one of the finest British television dramas in recent years and its two main leads Olivia Colman and David Tennant gave some of their best performances to date.

However when a second series was announced off the back of exceptionally high ratings for ITV, the move felt somewhat unnecessary. By the time the second series was about to air, ITV had kept everything surrounding it a secret. There was no press launch, no previews and no interviews with talent - meaning that press could only run pieces after the episode had aired. It was this level of secrecy around the series that meant expectations were high. Otherwise why hide it from everyone?

In fact, the opposite was true. Series two just didn’t deliver. It was unnecessary of Chris Chibnall to use eight episodes to cover Joe Miller’s trial. It felt like re-treading old ground, and as viewers we felt that Chibnall had runout of ideas and ITV were simply chasing ratings (which they still got).</