I TALK Cilla

Sheridan Smith who puts in quite possibly one of the best performances of her career in Cilla, a new three-part ITV drama written by Jeff Pope (Mrs BiggsThe Widower).

Last month I attended the press launch for Cilla where I watched all three episodes and attended a press conference where Sheridan Smith and Jeff Pope, Aneurin Barnard and Ed Stoppard were in attendance. Here's what was said and what I made of Cilla...

If you're expecting to see Cilla around the time of Surprise Surprise or Blind Date then you'll be a little disappointed as Cilla isn't about Cilla the TV Presenter, it's about Cilla the singer, a period which younger viewers (such as myself) knew very little, if anything, about.

Cilla captures the essence of 1960s Liverpool brilliantly, a time where the Merseybeat music scene was on the verge of exploding in a blaze of tight-fitting skirts, stiletto heels and beehives.

Speaking about why he chose to focus on Cilla's life as a singer and not a TV presenter, Jeff Pope revealed that he "...went to the end first, when I discovered that next to Brian Epstein's body when he died was a contract for Cilla, the entertainment show and I thought - well I knew