I TALK Cyberbully

Channel 4's new one-off drama, Cyberbully tells the story of Casey Jacobs, a teenage girl who's battling with her anonymous cyber-stalker.

Casey is played by Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and the drama is told in real-time and opens our eyes to the worst the web has to offer.

69% of young people in the UK have experienced some form of cyber bullying. In the most severe cases, victims can face webcam hacking, exploitation and ‘suicide trolling’. Anti-bullying campaigns urge teenagers to ‘walk away’ from online abuse, but for those caught in the grip of bullying, turning their backs on their tormentors is not easy.

The question in the trailer for Cyberbully is simple, "When you go online. Who can you trust?" and it really gets you thinking...

Just before Christmas I was invited along to the launch of Cyberbully, and speaking at the launch, Channel 4's Head of Do