I TALK Fresh Meat

Last night saw the final episode in the debut series of Fresh Meat air on Channel 4.

The series, written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, follows a group of students as they embark on their first year at a fictional University in Manchester. After reading several books on Sitcoms and Comedy writing, one of the areas they each say to avoid is 'Student life'. However, after watching eight consistently good episodes of Fresh Meat, I am thankful that they went against the advice of many.

Fresh Meat is one of the freshest (no pun intended) and meatiest (OK, a little pun there) comedy to have debuted on Channel 4 since The IT Crowd & The Inbetweeners. So much so that the series was recommissioned for a second by Channel 4 before the final three episodes of the first had been aired.

Being a student myself, where I feel the series did so well was the way in which it dealt with its characters. All very eccentric but  equally realistic and believable at the same time. There is no denying that at every University in the UK there is a JP, Josie, Oregon, Vod, Howard and Kingsley. However, Fresh Meat avoids the typical stereotypes and has created characters that many 20-30 year olds