I TALK Gordon

Growing up as a child there are few toys I remember, but one of them was Gordon the Gopher, a puppet made famous on television in 1985 in The Broom Cupboard and then on Going Live!

Both shows were hosted by Phillip Schofield, and the two of them made up one of the most iconic duos of the eighties. Gordon was well-known for his squeaking (he never spoke) and his strong fashion sense when it came to t-shirts. After more than 20 years out of the limelight, Gordon the Gopher returned today in the most 21st century way he could... online!

Over the years Phillip has mentioned Gordon a few times in interviews and on telly, claiming that Gordon was in rehab, and that he had a restraining order against the puppet.

That said, Gordon has made a couple of very brief appearances with Phillip over the years. In 2005 he tried to stick Gordon in Room 101, in 2009 Gordon popped up in Dancing On Ice, and in 2010 he appeared on This Morning to celebrate Phillip’s 25 years as a television presenter.