I TALK Line of Duty (Series 4)

The final episode of the third series of Line Of Duty was as close to perfect as a drama can get.

The nail-biting 90-minute finale wrapped up so many plot points that in many ways series four feels like a fresh start for one of the best police dramas on TV.

So what has changed for series 4? I guess the biggest change is its slot. Line Of Duty remains BBC Two’s highest rating drama series ever with the last series averaging 5.1m per episode so the decision was made to, for want of a better word, promote it to BBC One.

The fourth series will now air Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC One as opposed to Thursday nights at 9pm on BBC Two. Speaking about the move at a recent press launch for the series, writer and creator of Line Of Duty, Jed Mercurio said “It was something that was suggested by Charlotte Moore at the BBC. We had a meeting where she said that she felt the series had done very well on BBC Two and wondered whether we would be up for the transfer and we were very grateful for the opportunity.

And when asked whether he had to make any concessions writing a series for BBC One rather than BBC Two, Jed simply said “No” and went on to say that he "definitely approached” series four “with a view to starting a new chapter."