I TALK People Just Do Nothing

Earlier on this year it was announced that BBC Three was to close and become an online only channel from Autumn 2015 (subject to BBC Trust approval).

I've always said that closing the only channel aimed at young people was a massive mistake and will do nothing for the way in which young people think of a corporation like the BBC. I still do very much think that but this week something happened which made me for the first time think that maybe this isn't such a bad idea. That something was a comedy called People Just Do Nothing, which BBC Three have put on iPlayer in its entirety, four months ahead of showing it on telly.

Which got me thinking... did I wait four months to watch it on telly or did I head straight to iPlayer and watch it all in one go? The answer was the latter, I headed straight to iPlayer to binge on the entire series. Did I prefer that to waiting a week in between episodes? Yes, yes I did, as watching it all in one go made me fall in love with the series and after a two hour binge I couldn't get enough of it.

People Just Do Nothing is a mockumentary following the lives of those running a West London pirate radio station called Kurupt FM. And let's just say that Kurupt FM are doing pretty well, getting "...up to eight texts per show." - we're talking the big time.