I TALK Ripper Street (Series 2)

When Ripper Street first came onto our screens on 30 December 2012, the reaction was split.

The representation of women was described as "two-dimensional" and there was disappointment over how the women in Ripper Street were either repressed wives and mothers or prostitutes.

The gory nature of the script and the violence at 9pm on a Sunday were also aspects of the show that were heavily criticised. But there was one thing that united all critics, and that was that as the series went on it got better and better. We got to learn more about the back stories of the characters and when the last series ended I couldn't wait for there to be a second.

And in a great turn of events, the final episode of series one left viewers wanting more and every day since on Twitter talk of the new series has been rife. Luckily a second series was commissioned and returns to BBC One this Monday, less than a year since the end of series one.