Aside from The Returned, which of course isn't British, Run is the most exciting show to land on Channel 4 in a very very long time.

Stretched over four nights starting from tomorrow, Run tells four stories which may seem unconnected at first, but the more you watch the more you realise that they are very much connected and together tell the story of a fascinating world, an everyday world most of us encounter every day.

I was lucky enough to attend a preview screening of Run at the Roundhouse back in March, when Broadchurch was halfway through its run and Olivia Colman was well on her way to the recognition she's spent so long working for. This show isn't all about Colman though, there are some wonderful performances throughout the series, which really help to bring the four stories to life, that and some brilliant writing by newcomers Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith.

Colman herself, pre-BAFTA success joined the screening for a Q&A afterwards and spoke very highly of the show and in particular its two writers, Daniel and Marlon, speaking very highly for how well they write for women.Colman was surprised to find out Run was written by two men and went on to say "I know a lot of female roles written women and they're shit. It's not their fault, they feel they won't get a look in if they have a female lead. And it's shit."