I TALK Taskmaster (Series 2)

Taskmaster is one of those shows you really have to watch to get. Sure, it's essentially five comedians, competing against each other by taking on a series of ridiculous tasks. But that doesn't really do the show justice.

What makes the show unique and such an enjoyable watch is how they go about those tasks and the chemistry between the five comedians.

A brand new series means a brand new set of comedians. The first series saw Frank Skinner, Josh Widdicombe, Roisin Conaty, Romesh Ranganathan and Tim Key each compete for the title of Taskmaster 2015.

This time around they've opted for four comedians, plus Richard Osman - a joke they don't shy away from in the opening episode. Joining the Pointless presenter for the second series are Doc Brown, Jon Richardson, Katherine Ryan and Joe Wilkinson.