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I TALK The Boy in the Dress

In 2012 he brought us Mr Stink, in 2013 he brought us Gangsta Granny and this year David Walliams brings us The Boy In The Dress, the latest of his children's books to be turned into a BBC One drama for Christmas, which also happens to be the very first book he wrote.

Mr Stink was brilliant, Gangsta Granny was very entertaining and I'm pleased to say that The Boy In The Dress is a joy to watch from start to finish. It's rare for a drama to appeal to the whole family these days, but David Walliams' adaptations are able to do just that.

Whether you've read the books or not, David Walliams is a great storyteller which is why his books translate so well to television.

The Boy In The Dress tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Dennis played by newcomer Billy Kennedy. He is an ordinary boy, who lives in an ordinary town but he feels different, and when he glances over at a fashion magazine, he's introduced to a whole new world of colour and creativity. But can a boy wear a dress, and what will the Headmaster, his Dad, and his friends in the football team think if they find out? There's only one way to find out...

Billy Kennedy who plays Dennis, makes a brilliant debut in The Boy In The Dress and really helps to tell the story so well. I predict that this is just the very beginning for him and I wish him all the luck going forward.

But of course, no David Walliams drama would be complete without a host of A-list talent, and in The Boy In The Dress it doesn't really get more A-list than supermodel Kate Moss, who stars as herself albeit very briefly. Joining Kate Moss and a cameo from David Walliams himself are Jennifer Saunders, James Buckley, Steve Spiers, and Meera Syal but to name a few.

Jennifer Saunders plays Dennis' French teacher, Miss Windsor, and when Dennis turns up to school wearing a dress pretending to be a French exchange student called Denise, we see a very different side to Miss Windsor and dare I say it... we even begin to feel sorry for her.

James Buckley of The Inbetweeners fame plays Mr Norris, the school's PE teacher and football coach, Meera Syal plays Jaspreet, mother to Dennis' best friend Darvesh. Jasper also happens to have a bit of a crush on Dennis' dad play brilliantly by Steve Spiers.

I've previewed a lot of this year's Christmas TV offering and I can honestly say that The Boy In The Dress stands out as a particular highlight. It's warm, light-hearted and all-in-all a fantastic story well told. I for one can't wait to see which of David Walliams' books will become a BBC One family drama next year because so far he's more than delivered with Mr StinkGangsta Granny and now The Boy In The Dress.

So whatever you're planning to do on Boxing Day, make sure you're free at 6:55pm to gather the family around the sofa to watch a feel-good family drama that's perfect for this time of the year.

The Boy In The Dress airs Boxing Day at 6:55pm on BBC One


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