I TALK TO Bella Younger

Deliciously Stella started off as an Instagram feed and now Bella Younger, is bringing her insta-famous character to the Edinburgh Fringe.

With her tongue-in-cheek parody of dietary advice, she hopes to share her secrets, only Stella is not your average health guru. A devotee of the #eatclean phenomenon with a huge social media following, she's hoping to share her diet secrets with the masses.

The only issue is, her diet is anything but healthy. Stella's idea of a green juice is a bottle of Apple Sours. Her pasta alternatives shun spiralizers in favour of strawberry laces and her beloved coconut water is actually a bottle of Malibu.

Described as ‘the filthy antidote to the cult of clean eating’, Deliciously Stella is certainly causing a stir with her side-splitting pokes at the craze that is currently taking over our social media accounts. Having been called out on her wit and hilarity by both The Times and Stylist Magazine, Bella Younger