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I TALK TO Emer Kenny

Pramface returns this week to BBC Three for a third series and I caught up with Emer Kenny, who plays Danielle, earlier on today to see what was in store for her character the third time around.

What's it like working on a show like Pramface? Is it a lot of fun?

Oh absolutely. We're all really good friends anyway, because I've worked with Scarlett on some other things and we're all similar ages, and we've been working together for a couple of years now. So it's really really fun and everyone gets on really well.

As you mention, you've worked with Scarlett, who plays Laura, before in Beaver Falls. Has working together for so long helped the way you perform together?

Yes. We have like a brilliant relationship! Because we play best friends in Pramface and we're really good friends in real life, we know each other really well. Almost more than our own friends because we work together where we're away for a lot of the time you almost build like a sisterly relationship.

So I trust her to say - "Yeah, you might want to do that line again." or "We can do that better!" or "Like no, actually that was really good!" Often it's more like - "No seriously, does this make me look fat?" and we're like - "No, that's fine."

What can we expect from Danielle in the new series of Pramface?

This series, Danielle warms up a bit, because for the past few series she's been quite sort of bitchy and the one that's dragging Laura away from the baby and this series she gets on board and looks after the baby.

My favourite episode is where Danielle reluctantly babysits, but actually ends up spending most of the episode just her and the baby and learns a lot more from the baby than she thought she would! She actually gets boy advice from the baby without the baby actually saying anything! (Laughs).

So basically there's a lot of me monologuing with a baby and changing my life about my love life. It's a really fun episode to watch!

Danielle's never really liked Jamie has she? Does that continue throughout this series, or does she feel differently about him?

I think she's starting to feel sorry for him actually, because I think she sees how Laura strings him along and wants him there, but isn't quite ready to commit to a full loving relationship with him. There's a lot of - "No, you can't do that Laura."

Jamie's character is the kind of character who has all the best intentions, but he kind of ends up messing things up. Either because Mike has stepped in, or because he's just not been able to do things right. And Laura, being a little bit older, and a little bit further along the line is kind of a bit - "Oh god, you're such a geek, but I kind of love you anyway."

Danielle is going for older men and partying a lot and just thinks Laura could be having a lot more fun than she is. I think she's actually changing her mind now. She just wants Laura to make a decision - "You're either with Jamie or you're not with Jamie, I don't care which.

You touched on it a bit then, would you say Danielle is still a bit of a party girl?

You know what... I think she is a party girl, but there isn't much of that in this series. She partied quite a lot in the last series. I didn't have to do any club scenes this time! Me dancing to no music which is just embarrassing.

Because you go to a nightclub at like nine in the morning, and they black out the windows, and you're wearing a sparkly dress and lots of make-up and you have to stand around with people you've never met before, who turn on the music for ten seconds then turn it off for the scene to start and you have to act like you are drunk and having a great time! It's quite a strange experience.

Why do you think that Pramface remains a comedy that very much stays under the radar for a lot of people?

I honestly have no idea, because we've done three series now and the general reaction to the show - critically and amongst everyone you meet - is "We really like the show." I never meet anyone who's like - "God I hate Pramface." or I've never seen an article that says it's disappointing.

I think maybe, it's just that it's not headline grabbing. It's not edgy. It's not going to do anything that's going to like absolutely shock you. It's not controversial, it's just very warm hearted, very well written and a nice show to watch - almost family viewing. It seems like it hasn't quite grabbed everybody, but it's just quietly entertaining people.

Also, BBC Three don't do a lot of drama. They do a lot of comedy - straight up comedy shows, and a lot of documentaries and kind of Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents - which get amazing viewing figures, but people go to BBC Three for that type of that show. Maybe they're not quite aware that there's some great comedy like Pramface or Him & Her on there as well.

As well as being an actress, you're also a writer. Would you ever want to write an episode of Pramface?

Do you know what? I would absolutely love to, but generally the writers of Pramface are just straight up comedy writers and although I'm writing a lot more comedy now, I've pretty much only written drama.

They just want the jokes to be really strong, which is why I think the show works, because they have a great narrative structure but then they also have a lot of jokes. Although I'd love to, I'd probably have to do a lot more comedy writing before I could do that.

If someone has never watched Pramface, how would you best describe the series?

The brilliant thing about Pramface is that it's about all sorts of different people, brought together in an unsuspected circumstance. Laura's family is very middle-class, almost quite snobby and Jamie's family are hilarious - but slightly down on their luck, especially in this series.

They end up living in a caravan park! So I think Pramface appeals to everybody no matter what background you have - you're going to be able to relate to someone on Pramface. It pulls at your heart strings because you just really feel for these two young people who are struggling to do what people do every day. It has got that Gavin & Stacey thing, in that you do care - it is about two world's colliding, and how that would be.

I couldn't talk to you and not talk about EastEnders. A lot of people know you best for paling Zsa Zsa Carter - the Carter's are obviously a massive family now on the square - would you be up for going back?

Well I'm actually working on an episode for them at the moment so I still write for them, but there are no plans for Zsa Zsa to return - not in the near future. But at the same time, I really do love that character, and I do love the show and I think Luisa who's playing Tina, Zsa Zsa's mum, is brilliant.

When I think about possibly doing a storyline about Zsa Zsa coming back, I do get a little bit excited. I'd never say never, because there are things I still want to try, because I wouldn't want to say yes because it's quite a difficult show to leave.

You get such amazing opportunities to do great storylines, work with different people so if I was to go back I'd want to be basically 100% in. Also... I don't know if they want me back! (Laughs) - I'd have to speak to them. The Carter's are such a great addition to the square that I do feel very proud. I'm like - "That's my uncle!"

Another show you're going to be in is Siblings, also for BBC Three. What can you tell us about that?

I filmed it in November/December, and I'm only in one episode - I just go in and play an STI Doctor who has a sort of, thing, with the lead character called Dan who's played by Tom Stourton. It's so funny, you're going to love it. It's certainly more out there than Pramface - it's definitely more out and out funny and also more outrageous. I think people are going to love it.

Pramface returns Tuesday 25th February at 10pm on BBC Three


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