I TALK TO Jack Davenport

I caught up with Jack Davenport on the set of ITV's newest drama Breathless to find out more about the series.

As ITV prepares to unleash its latest period drama Breathless, set in and around a Gynaecology unit of a London Hospital in 1961, I went down to visit the set during filming to find out a little bit more.

Despite not filming on the day that I went down to set, Jack Davenport, who plays Otto Powell, popped along anyway to ensure he was available for interviews - a really nice gesture I thought. Davenport, who more recently can be found across the pond the Pirates Of The Carribean films and the NBC smash, err... Smash.

What drew you to this role?

Two things. One, it's a fascinating character - that's the self interesting part out of the wa