I TALK TO Jeremy Piven

At the end of a long day's filming, I caught up with Mr Selfridge himself, Jeremy Piven, to talk about series two.

Before Broadchurch came along, Mr Selfridge was ITV's best drama of 2013, but definitely kept its place as the best period drama the channel has seen in a long time. The first series proved a huge ratings success for the channel, with the first ten episodes averaging more than 7 million viewers each.The series focusses on the life of flamboyant American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, played by Jeremy Piven (Entourage) who founded Selfridges on Oxford Street in 1909.

The second series take place five years later in 1914 as the store celebrates its 5th anniversary.

Proud of the store’s success Harry needs to make sure in this series that the store plays its own part in the war effort and help keep morale high on the home front. Despite needing his wife Rose, played by Frances O'Connor, more than ever, the last five years has seen the pair spend a lot of time apart. Rose now spends long periods in America whilst Harry lives the life of a single man in London.