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I TALK TO Jo Joyner

The sixth series of Mount Pleasant might have already started on Sky 1, but there’s one character we’re yet to meet, and that’s Jane.

She is played by the wonderful Jo Joyner and is the ex-wife of Fergus. She turns up at his house with their daughter Emily, but will he welcome her back into his life?

Congratulations on joining Mount Pleasant. Were you a fan of the series before?

I had seen the early series and I was a fan of the brilliant cast , I don't think it was until I was working on it that I realised just how great the writing is. It's so nice to see something that is relationship based and set in a good, strong community. It has a lovely feel to it

What was it like joining something so established for the sixth series?

It's a really well oiled machine now! The cast were really warm and welcoming and the crew are so relaxed and friendly that it was a pleasure of a job to do.

You’ve worked with Sally (Lindsay) and Dan (Ryan) before, was it nice to work with them again?

I had two words with Sally and nothing with Dan! It was a shame that I only really saw them at readthroughs.

Most of my stuff was with James Dreyfus and Neil Fitzmaurice. Unfortunately, due to filming Marley’s Ghost at the same time, I was written out of some of the scenes towards the end with the wider community.

It was a shame because I was looking forward to working with them all and have a drink after too! Fingers crossed we'll be back next year and we can make it work then.

Dan and Sally really are the heart of the show, fab actors.

What can you tell us about Jane?

Jane is a little complicated, which has been great to play. She doesn't always tell the truth but through cowardice rather than malice. She's chatty, sharp and knows how to get her own way. I've loved playing her.

How are things between her and Fergus now?

By the end of the show..... That'd be telling. Let's just say that they have a lot to work through and a tangled web to explain!

What’s her relationship like with her daughter, Emily?

She treats Emily like her little buddy more than her little girl. She thinks nothing of including her in some of her tricksy moments. They're on survival mode really, they need a roof and food, so they're a team to that end.

How do the other characters take to her?

Roger in particular is very wary of her. Possibly he's right to be. They're not sure if Jane is genuine or not.... There's a real journey between those two. Denise, well, she's Denise!

She is kinder than Jane deserves, but then she's on the back foot really as she did sleep with her husband!

What have you enjoyed most about working on Mount Pleasant?

Genuinely, the whole experience has been lovely. I've particularly enjoyed working with the boys, James and Neil- they're both fantastic actors whom I've admired the work of in the past, so it was a pleasure.

Mount Pleasant continues Monday nights at 9pm on Sky 1


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