I TALK TO Josh Widdicombe

Last year, comedian Josh Widdicombe made his acting debut in Josh, a 14-minute pilot for the BBC’s Comedy Feeds season.

That pilot was then picked up by BBC Three and has been turned into a brand-new six-part sitcom which begins Wednesday 11th November on BBC Three. The series sees the return of Josh, his flatmates Kate (Beattie Edmondson) and Owen (Elis James), and their relentlessly annoying landlord Geoff (Jack Dee).

Let’s start at the beginning then, how did Josh the one-off pilot last year, first come about?

Well I’d done a couple of radio things with Simon Mayhew-Archer, the producer, before and he came to see my Edinburgh and asked me if I wanted to do a sitcom pilot. And I was like “Yeah! Why not?! Yeah.”

It’s not like I had this great plan where I set out to do it. I just kind of thought it sounded fun and then we did and it was a lot of effort doing a sitcom pilot. It was a lot of work, and we really committed to it and then suddenly I was thinking I’d really like this to go to series.