I TALK TO Keith Lemon

As Keith Lemon prepares for the return of Through The Keyhole, I thought it was only right to catch up with the man himself to find out more about the new series.

For many, Tuesday was back to work day, and Keith Lemon was no different. Shortly after his appearance on Loose Women, where he paid tribute to the late Carrie Fisher, and before our chat officially began, Keith told me that he woke up thinking “Oh no, I’ve got to go to work”, but by the second interview he said “I forgot that I love doing this!"

If you're yet to watch Through The Keyhole, where have you been? It's basically Keith Lemon having a nose around celebrities houses whilst a panel of more celebrities have to guess whose house it is from a series of clues... Or clueseses as Keith likes to call them.

Here's what Keith told me about the new series...