I TALK TO Kwame Asante

Junior Doctor/Comedian Kwame Asante is ready to make his mark on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his debut hour this summer, Open Arms.

I caught up with Kwame for a chat about juggling life as a Junior Doctor and a comedian, his hopes for the future and more importantly how he’s feeling ahead of his Fringe debut.

This is your debut year at the Fringe. How are all the preparations going?

Yes, it’s my debut year and the preparations are going good. I’m still at work full-time so it’s been quite hectic combining prep for the Fringe with work. That said, I’ve still managed to get a good number of previews in and some smaller new material gigs to tighten up a few bits and pieces. I’m happy with how things are going.

How do you juggle the two professions? Being a Junior Doctor and being a stand up comedian?