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I TALK TO Lauren McQueen & Malique Thompson-Dwyer

During tonight's dramatic Storm Week scenes, the jetty collapses, pluging Lily deep into the pond, and for a moment it looked as if she had reached her end.

Thankfully Romeo came to her rescue, closely followed by Prince and she survived. But with her feelings for Romeo growing and that kiss at the end of tonight's episode, what does this mean for her future with her Prince?

I caught up with Lauren who plays Lily McQueen and Malique who plays Prince McQueen to find out what it was like filming those dramatic underwater scenes and to see if I could get out of them anything about what the future may hold for their marriage.

Here's what they had to say...

You're both still fairly new to Hollyoaks, but you've really been through it haven't you?

Malique Thompson-Dwyer: It's been eventful.

Lauren McQueen: We've been involved in other stunts too, like the car crash and the explosion so I feel really lucky that they've given us these storylines to get stuck into.

The self-harm storyline was definitely a challenge, emotionally. Making sure I understood why Lily was doing it and why people in general do it. Where as Storm Week is definitely more of a physical challenge.

What was it like filming those underwater scenes?

Lauren: It was fun to do something completely different and go to a completey different place to film.

We didn't film it in the little pond in Hollyoaks, we had a full day and went to Blackpool to film it in a big water tank. I was proud of us all at the end because it was such a big achievement.

Malique: It was actually an amazing experience. I've never done anything like that before and it was a challenge because we shot in a 4-metre deep pool. And I can't hold my breath for very long!

Lauren: It was the scariest thing I had to do. I'm not the biggest fan of water and i got an email saying "Can you swim?" and I was like "Yeah" but I wasn't sure about how long I had to hold my breath under water.

We had to learn how to breathe through these mini oxygen bottles. The biggest challenge for me was not letting the water go up my nose! I was getting all panicked. I didn't think I'd be able to do it.

Malique: We literally had just one day to rehears and we finished filming it in a week. Which is amazing! It's not like it's a little pool, it's a big tank. So deep!

How is Lily going to choose between Prince and Romeo?

Lauren: Her mind's just completely torn at the minute. They've both got the charm. She's obviously in love with Prince because she's married to him but then when someone else comes along and they make a connection, that can happen sometimes in life, so we'll see...

Malique: She's obviously attracted to Romeo.

Lauren: In the previous episode to the stunt, Romeo tells Lily about his dad and there's a connection there as they've both had bad things happen in the past. They just really understand each other. So I think that's why her head's turned.

Is Prince too trusting of Romeo?

Malique: It's not that he's oblivious, but I feel like Prince thinks Lily is such a beautiful person that he wouldn't ever think that she would go behind his back. And obviously Romeo is his friend so he has so much trust in people that he doesn't think anyone could do him wrong.

How would you describe their marriage?

Lauren: I don't think it's easy. We're in a flat, we haven't really got much money. Prince is cleaning windows! But they want to make it work don't they?

Malique: Yeah. We've got to hustle! We've got to hustle!

Malique, I have to ask you about Theo (Graham). Are you missing him?

Malique: Oh my! I miss that guy so much. He's always at the top of my mind. Every time I come in to work I feel like there's a piece missing because we had so much banter together on set.

How did you feel when he decided to leave? Were you tempted yourself?

Malique: Not really. I feel like it was his time. He was ready to go and there are going to be lots of opportunities coming his way I'm sure. So in a way I'm excited for him. I'm excited for his future.

What's next for Lily and Prince?

Lauren: Prince is going to have a tough time soon. And so is Lily actually!

Malique: There are some massive storylines coming up but I don't want to say too much, so you'll have to just keep watching...

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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