I TALK TO Luke Franks

Today I caught up with Luke Franks, who's one of the four presenters of ITV's weekend morning show Scrambled!

There was a time in the nineties and early noughties when Saturday morning kids TV was some of the best telly around, with shows such as Live & Kicking and SMTV:Live entertaining audiences in their millions. However in recent years those type of programmes have disappeared from our screens in favour of cooking shows or other entertainment formats aimed at adults, not kids.

But then in January 2014, Scrambled! arrived on CITV which aimed to bring a bit back a bit of that flavour. The show is fronted by four young presenters every Saturday and Sunday morning on ITV and the CITV channel.

The series returned last week (until around Easter) fronted by London Hughes, Luke Franks, Sam Homewood and new presenter Arielle Free.