I TALK TO Luke Kempner

You might not know the name Luke Kempner yet, but you might have seen some of his work.

If you watch the brilliant Murder In Successville on BBC Three, he’s the one doing impressions of Jeremy Kyle, Daniel Radcliffe, Andy Murray and more.

He had his own show at the end of last year on ITV2, Luke Kempner’s Impression of 2015 and if you’re a fan of Big Brother you’ve probably seen him on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side taking Twitter by storm with his impressions of the housemates. Not least of all Dawn French who described him as "a blummin genius” - high praise indeed!

As well as being super talented, Luke is a genuinely nice guy, so he was only too willing when I asked if he wanted to have a chat about his upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show.