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I TALK TO Margaret Thatcher

Multi-award winning fringe sensation Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho presents the most fabulous game show of all.

No matter which way you swing politically (or sexually), I think we're all in need of cheering up this summer and hoping to do just that is none other than Margaret Thatcher herself.

Fresh from total sell-out Edinburgh Fringe runs in 2014 and 2015, the Iron Lady has now set her sights on light entertainment and has decided to become the new Mr. Saturday Night (except not a man) as she returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a brand new show for 2016.

With excitement for the Iron Lady's return to the Fringe building, I thought I'd catch up with Maggie for a wee chinwag...

Let’s go right back to the beginning… How did your transformation into Queen of Soho first come about?

It all happened on the the eve of the vote for Section 28, I got lost in Soho and accidentally became a cabaret superstar. Luckily I stopped the bill becoming law and became a gay icon.

You're welcome, world. Since then I've taken my show on tour to as places as far afield as Dublin, Australia and Norwich.

Were you surprised by the positive reaction you’ve received from the public? Especially the LGBT community. Why do you think audiences have loved you so much?

Never, I won three elections. The public never left me, I left them - but only because the bloody backbenchers made me. And I've always had a lot of LGBT supporters dear, usually in the Conservative cabinet...

How did the change from Queen of Soho to Queen of Game Shows happen? And what does that mean?

Well, I looked at the appalling state of Saturday night television and I thought, "I could do that”. Basically I'm making a show that's like all the classic Game Shows of the past, but with a host who isn't in prison for sex offences.

The show itself is about me making people play a series of games to compete for their benefits and if they're lucky they might win the coveted Golden Giro Cheque!

The nineties were a great era for television, so what classic game shows can audiences expect to see?

Everything in my show is 100% original, dears! Well, maybe not 100%... basically, if you're Bruce Forsyth, Roy Walker or anyone else who owns the format rights to a Saturday night television show and has high powered lawyers, maybe you shouldn't come along...

Who’s your favourite ever game show host?

Me, obviously! But if I had to choose someone else, it would be Jim Davidson from the Generation Game - I loved watching those competitions to see who would win a big cash prize from him, but enough about his divorces, I also enjoyed the Generation Game.

Will there still be singing and dancing?

Yes, dear. I've been doing the Insanity workout every morning to get ready for it.

Can we expect any cameos? And if so, who?

Well, David Cameron, George Osbourne and Jeremy Corbyn were originally in the show dear. But at the time of writing one of them has resigned and the other two look like they might go any minute... so we're playing the cameos by ear!

What else can you say about the show?

My lips are sealed, dear. It's like the new Harry Potter show - keep the secret! Oh, but I will say that, after trying them out, we've cut the live owls.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Oh yes, dear. I have a protein shake, a quick stretch, a vocal warm up, a vape for twenty minute whilst meditating, followed by the lord's prayer... then I down three double brandys and a whisky chaser and off I go!

You’ve sold out in 2014 and 2015, is the pressure on to sell out this year?

Do you mean selling out of tickets or selling out by doing adverts? I'm ready to do the latter, dear - somebody book me! I'd more than happily take over from Ruth Jones in the Tesco ads.

If you could host any game show on TV, what would it be?

Mine, dear. The format rights are available to license!

Time to get political… What’s your take on Brexit?

I think it's wonderful, dear. On behalf of all previous Prime Minsters I have to thank David Cameron. He's making our time in office look very good in comparison.

And finally, how would you sum up Queen of Game Shows in just five words?

Iron Lady Goes for Gold

(All answers were provided by co-writer and director, Jon Brittain and co-writer and star of the show, Matt Tedford in character as Margaret Thatcher)

Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Game Shows will be at Assembly George Square Theatre throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at 9pm.


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