I TALK TO Naz Osmanoglu

Naz Osmanoglu is returning to the Fringe this year with something a little bit different, The Naz Show.

He might be a Fringe veteran with ten festivals under his belt but with his sketch group WitTank no more, Naz is trying something brand new this year, a solo sketch and character show.

I recently caught up with Naz to find out more about this year’s show.

This is your fourth solo show at the Fringe and you’ve been at the Fringe for many years with WitTank, what keeps you coming back?

It’s kind of a weird compulsion. I think it’s a healthy does of FOMO, fear of missing out. Also, the want to try something new is really motivating me this time. I’ve always gone up with my sketch group WitTank but we’re no longer working together.