I TALK TO Rebecca Root

When Boy Meets Girl launched last year on BBC Two, it made TV history by becoming the UK’s first ever transgender comedy.

The nation fell in love with the series and really took the characters of Leo and Judy to their hearts as their love story played out on screen, from strangers in a pub to a couple who were very much meant to be.

We meet Leo and Judy in series two as they are living together in Peggy’s house. But circumstances such as Leo’s job offer and Peggy’s worrying health issues force the couple to ask serious questions about their relationship.

Their respective families are very supportive but cannot resist sticking their noses in and causing a fair amount of chaos along the way!

The other day I was invited down to the BBC for the launch of series two where we were treated to the first episode as well as a Q&A hosted by Paris Lees (who cameos in the series) with series creator Elliot Kerrigan as well as Denise Welch, Rebecca Root, Harry Hepple and newcomer Tyler Luke Cunningham.