I TALK TO Reggie Yates

A few weeks ago I caught up with Reggie Yates to find out more about the new series of Release The Hounds, what's changed since the pilot and what makes him scared.

OrigInally a pilot on Halloween last year, Release The Hounds, a unique horror gameshow is back on ITV2 this time for a full series. Reggie Yates returns to host the scream out loud horror experience which for the series has upped the ante with even more gruesome and horrifying tests that aim to push contestants to the very edge. It's Reggie's job to be the contestant's communication from outside the forest.

He'll follow their progress throughout the most frightening night of their lives as they take part in a variety of horror themed mental and physical tests that will truly push them to the limit. Their ultimate challenge is to out-run a pack of dogs, trained to guard the cash. If they manage it, the money belongs to them!

For anyone who didn't watch the pilot last Halloween, how would you best describe Release The Hounds?