I TALK TO Russell Kane

Last week, I caught up with Russell Kane to chat about Stupid Man, Smart Phone, his feelings towards the whole experience and what it was like to return to BBC Three.

This week, BBC Three welcomes back one of their most recognisable talents, Russell Kane, as together with an online star, is dropped anywhere in the world with just their smart phone to help them survive.

Despite BBC Three moving online, they still seem to find the idea of binge-watching a strange one, and have decided to strip the series across six weeks, much like a traditional linear television channel would, rather than dropping the entire lot in one go, which means each episode will be made available Sundays from midday.

The first episode, Russell is tasked with taking a camel across the dry, unforgiving North Saharan terrain with online prankster and Vine superstar, Arron Crascall.