I TALK TO Steve Bugeja

Some people take a year out between Edinburgh Fringe shows, but not Steve Bugeja who is returning to the Fringe with his third show in as many years, Summer Camp.

And it’s not as if the pressure isn’t on. Both of his previous Fringe shows won critical acclaim and both runs sold out. This year he’s delving into his past for inspiration, that time in 2009 when he spent his summer working at a kids camp in America and he plans to take it on tour later this year.

Here’s what we had to say, when we weren’t gossiping about Love Island, about his new show...

This is your third show in as many years at the Fringe. What keeps you coming back?

I love the Fringe. It just gives my year some structure and something to work towards. I enjoy it when I’m up there although it’s quite stressful June and July. But August I really love because I love doing a show every night to people who have come to see you. And it’s nice to be in the same city for a month.