I TALK TO Susan Wokoma & Cara Theobold

As E4 prepare to launch Crazyhead, a brand new comedy horror from Howard Overman, (Misfits), I speak to two of its stars, Susan Wokoma and Cara Theobold.

When Amy (Cara Theobold) discovers her best mate is harbouring a mean-mouthed, hell-raised demon, she knows she has to act. Thankfully she isn't alone, she has Raquel (Susan Wokoma).

Impulsive, temperamental and prone to violent outbursts, Raquel isn't the obvious ally, but beggars can't be choosers.

Together the incongruous duo prepare for their first exorcism. What could possibly go wrong?

After attending the press launch for the series last month, where I was treated to the first ep