I TALK TO Terry Mynott

As The Mimic returns to Channel 4, I caught up with Terry Mynott who plays Martin Hurdle to find out more.

The series focusses on Martin who is struggling having ditched his job in site maintenance to become a professional mimic, and is finding paid work hard to come by.

The second series picks up with Martin having left his maintenance job for his big break on TV which at the end of series one we saw didn't quite go to plan. Martin's finding work increasingly hard to find and his son and agent Steven, is unable to cope after the death of his mother and decides to go travelling.

So who better to become his new agent than Neil (played by the brilliant Neil Maskell, Utopia) who runs his local newsagent. The first gig is set to raise his impressionist profile, by... get ready for it... busking at a shopping centre.