I TALK TO Tessa Coates

As one third of Massive Dad, Tessa Coates has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival for the past three years but this year is her debut as a solo performer.

Unlike Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls to pursue a solo career or Zayn leaving One Direction to share with us his pillow talk, Tessa is still very much a part of Massive Dad but with the hilarious trio taking time out from the Fringe to pursue TV projects, Tessa felt like 2017 was the right time to make her solo debut.

You’ve been up at the Fringe three times with Massive Dad, why 2017 to make your solo Edinburgh debut?

Massive Dad aren’t doing a live show this year because we’re working on a lot of TV stuff which is a totally new step up for us and an unbelievably slow process. I guess I just wanted to get back to live comedy and I had lots of stuff I wanted to say, lots of stuff I wanted to do and I wanted a space where I could do that. This show is very different to the stuff I do in Massive Dad, it’s not me doing the same thing but by myself.

What can people expect when they come and see your show?