I TALK TO Tom Neenan

Tom Neenan is returning to the Fringe with his fourth solo show in as many years, Attenborough.

I recently caught up with Tom to find out how he first got into comedy, why he’s dedicated an entire show to Sir David Attenborough and what he’s working on outside of the Fringe.

How did you first get into comedy?

I was part of a University sketch group with comedians, amongst others Ed Gamble and Nish Kumar, which was really helpful because there’s not a lot of financial pressure on you going up with a University sketch group and also there’s not a lot of critical expectation going up to Edinburgh.

That was really helpful and then after that we all wanted to carry on doing it and what’s been really nice is after all these years of working with those guys seeing how they’re doing. We sort of gee each other up and that’s been really nice.

Then after that I did a year working at the BBC doing their bursary programme and that was like a working bootcamp really which was really helpful.