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I TALK Toast of London (Series 3)

Sitcom's favourite thespian, Steven Toast is back as Toast Of London returns for a third series on Channel 4.

Steven Toast is played by the brilliant Matt Berry, and is a desperate middle-aged actor struggling for work.

Some of the best scenes from Toast Of London take place in a voiceover booth where Toast is forced to do tedious voiceovers for fashion designer... Wait for it... Clem Fandango. Surely the best name on Television?

If you're a fan of the show, you'll be pleased to know that the voiceover scenes are here to stay and if possible, reach new heights of ridiculousness this series, which I of course do not want to give away.

The opening episode sees Toast interviewed by daytime TV favourite Lorraine Kelly, and live on TV is when Toast finds out that his performance of Macbeth is going to be shown live on ITV as part of their ‘Night of Culture’. Something he doesn’t take too kindly to.

This leads him on to telling a story of how the moon landing was fake live on telly, and claims to have walked in on Stanley Kubrick as he was filming the landing.

There are some excellent cameos this series including Brian Blessed, Paul Whitehouse, Timothy West, Jim Moir and Don Drapher himself, Jon Hamm.

For me, the series really gets going in episode when Brian Blessed (yes, him with the bellowing voice) and Jon Hamm (yes, him from Mad Men) share screen time! It really is as good and bizarre as it sounds.

Brian Blessed plays Toast’s father, whilst Jon Hamm plays Jon Hamm. Even though this magical collaboration doesn’t happen until episode three, believe me it’s worth the wait! Oh and naturally Toast has no idea who Jon Hamm is, and if it’s any consolation, I doubt Hamm knows who Toast is either.

Also this series we see toast judge a modelling contest, similar to Miss World in everything but name. In fact, at the press launch for the series, Matt Berry revealed how the Miss World organisers wouldn’t let them use the name which is why they had to opt for a ridiculous name instead, which again I'll let you discover for yourselves.

Toast of London returns Wednesday 18th November at 10:30pm on Channel 4


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