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Ian is horrified by CIndy's comments in EastEnders following café fire

As Cindy spends the night at The Vic, will Ian take her back? And when Kathy is arrested and questioned by police, can Harvey encourage Rocky to come clean?

With the Beales distraught, Cindy is quick to blame Kathy for the incident and storms back to Walford after spotting a warm moment between Kathy and Ian.

Comforting Cindy in The Vic, George encourages her to head back to the hospital after sharing some home truths about her behaviour.

Back at the hospital, Cindy appears to have forgiven Kathy as she and Ian put the earlier events of the day behind them, but it's not long before the police arrive to arrest Kathy for her involvement in the fire.

Elsewhere, Mitch rallies the residents of Walford to raise money for Bernadette and Marie following the fire.

The following day, having been questioned through the night Kathy remains at the police station as news of her arrest is rife on the Square. Having refused a solicitor, after hours of questioning, Kathy starts to regret her decision.

Elsewhere, a guilty Rocky is accosted by Harvey who encourages him to come clean. And Rocky heads to the police station.

Continuing to blame everyone for what’s happened, Cindy horrifies Ian with her comments and after learning about her visit with George, Ian wonders what the point of them being together is.

The next morning, following her fallout with Ian, Elaine and George are shocked to discover that Cindy slept the night at The Vic.

Having doted on Cindy, Anna soon kicks her out when she later learns the truth. And when Kathy arrives for round two, Cindy retreats to No.45 for some peace.

Later, George arrives with news and in an attempt to regain Ian’s trust, Cindy invites Kathy and Rocky to move back to No.45 which they gladly accept.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer

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