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Imran fights for custody in Corrie

As Abi promises to fight him all the way.

As Elsie leaves with the social worker, Toyah's heart breaks and having drowned her sorrows, she drunkenly heads to the solicitors to have it out with Imran but Adam tells her he has gone to visit Alfie.

When Imran returns and asks her to let him put things right, she leaves him in no doubt about how she feels. And when he later tells Abi that he's flat hunting, she turns him down after he suggest moving in with her and Alfie.

Hearing from Kelly about how Abi saved her from taking the morphine, Imran is alarmed that Abi now is in possession of a bottle of morphine.

Sharing his fears with Toyah, he tells her that he intends to fight for custody of Alfie and he would love her to help him raise his son, as a family. How will Toyah react?

So that she can afford to buy some things for Alfie, a determined Abi tells Kevin she would like to return to work but is shocked when she discovers that Imran plans to fight her for custody of their son.

Meeting up with her solicitor, Elliot, Abi tells him she wants to apply for full custody of Alfie and approaches Imran, revealing her intention to fight him all the way leaving Imran no choice but to resort to dirty tricks.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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