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Imran ruins Misbah's 'happy family' meal in Hollyoaks with drunken entrance

What will her family's actions mean for Misbah?

Yazz enlists Verity’s help with a new article she is writing regarding cheating in a relationship and gives Tom a memory stick so he can read her final article. However, a huge mix-up leads to Tom sending the wrong article to the Chester Herald.

She's horrified to see that her story regarding Ali’s case is first-page news in the Chester Herald today, and she has a lot of explaining to do when Verity breaks the news that this will impact Misbah’s case and she might not get her day in court!

Visiting her abuser Ali, in prison, Misbah decides to read her court statement to him. But will she be deterred when he continues to berate her?

Confiding in Mibah, Shaq tells her that he doesn't feel like he's ever going to be good enough for Verity and under the pressure of his dad’s poisonous actions, Shaq hits self-destruct mode when he’s caught in a compromising position.

Later, Misbah panics when she realises that she’s meant to be hosting a meal today for Aunty Kameela’s birthday! Wanting the Maaliks to act like one big happy family, Misbah begs them all to keep quiet about the case against Ali.

And after Shaq was caught in the act yesterday, a betrayed Verity confides in Scott. But will she hear him out?

As Tom attends the meal, Aunty Kameela is blissfully unaware of his and Yazz’ marital issues and wants all the juicy details about their wedding. Will it bring the couple closer together or further apart?

With nobody noticing how much Imran is feeling left out and struggling with being kept out of the loop from his family’s drama, he drunkenly crashes the meal.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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