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Imran's guilt catches up with him in Corrie

But what exactly did he do on the night of the verdict?

When Sabeen asks Imran to join her on a lucrative appeal case, he's gobsmacked when he sees the defendant’s name - Harvey Gaskell!

But when he refuses, he fears blackmail after Sabeen reminds him what he got up to on the night of Kelly’s verdict and urges him to reconsider.

Sticking to his guns, Imran refuses to play any part in trying to free Harvey, adamant that he belongs in prison.

As the day of Kelly’s sentencing arrives, an impassioned Imran delivers his speech, begging the judge to consider Kelly’s troubled upbringing and fragile mental health. And Kevin’s incensed to see Sabeen in the court lobby and rages at her for getting Corey off scot-free.

When Gary mentions he saw Imran heading into a bar on the night of Kelly’s verdict, Toyah’s perturbed to realise Imran lied to her. And when Sabeen reminds Imran how she helped him on the night of the verdict, Toyah clocks their intimacy.

Back home, unable to hold her tongue any longer, Toyah asks Imran outright if he’s cheating with Sabeen. Will Imran come clean about his whereabouts that night?

The next day, Imran tells Toyah he can’t meet her for lunch as he is too busy in the office and when Michael suggests she surprises him with a takeaway lunch, Toyah arrives at the office. But when Adam tells her he hasn't been in the office all day and went to the Rovers, Toyah marches out on a mission. What will she find?

Telling Toyah that he spent the night of the trial at Sabeen's, Imran insists that nothing happened and Sabeen backs him up but is intrigued as she knows he didn’t stay there the whole night. And makes it clear to him that she expects him to reconsider working on Harvey’s appeal.

When Toyah apologises for speaking to Sabeen behind his back, Imran feels dreadful and as Toyah advocates total openness in the future, Imran swallows his guilty secret.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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