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Is this the end of the road for EastEnders power couple Mick and Linda?

Have the couple reached the point of no return?

As Mick and Linda try to put on a united front with the social worker Loretta, Linda struggles to cope and sneaks gin into her tea and it's not long before Linda's act drops.

Having kept a close eye on her, Loretta pulls Mick aside for a quiet word as Linda watches on, seething. Later berating him for speaking to her, Linda makes it her mission to put her straight and drunkenly catches up with Loretta.

Checking on Mick, Tina wonders if Ollie is safe around Linda which leaves Mick feeling conflicted. But when Linda returns home, Mick is distraught to discover what she's done - leaving Linda feeling ashamed for messing everything up.

Regretting having told her that Ollie would be better without her, Mick tries to apologise, but before he can do so Linda storms out.

Spotting her upset, Sharon's concerns for Linda grow despite Linda being more determined than ever to protect herself.

After dropping Ollie off with Gray, Jean's words about Daniel start to resonate with Mick as he tries to salvage his marriage.


These episodes of EastEnders will air Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th, Thursday 13th and Friday 14th February on BBC One


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