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Isaac feels hurt by Lola and refuses to let her visit him in EastEnders

But she's not giving up.

After Lola makes Isaac a playlist, Patrick and Kim encourage her to visit him, despite what Sheree thinks. In the mental health unit, Rafe tells Sheree that Isaac doesn’t want to see her and when Lola arrives she’s not happy and leaves.

Noticing that Isaac is struggling on the new medication, Lola tries to comfort him but Isaac makes it clear he’s upset because Lola promised she wouldn’t let him get hurt. She’s left feeling heartbroken for him.

Later on in the week, as Lola enters the mental health unit, Rafe informs her that Isaac doesn’t want to see her and she comes back with a burger, professing to Rafe that she will come back every day with a burger until he is ready to see her.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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