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Isabella's behaviour causes a rift between Brian and George in Corrie

And when Glenda and Mary are ignored, will Isabella's true colours show?

In the café, Brian introduces Isabella to Glenda and Bernie. But when Glenda tries to engage her in a conversation about Italy, Isabella ignores her leaving Glenda and Mary taken aback.

Later, in the bistro, Isabella tells Brian they’re going to party the Italian way.

Admiring George’s model of the Golden Hind, Brian assures him he didn’t steal his maidenhead. Annoyed by George’s seemingly cocky attitude, Isabella secretly super-glues the model ship to the table and as a consequence Brian tries to lift George’s model off the table and a chunk snaps off in his hands.

George accuses Brian of glueing the ship to the table and in revenge, locks Brian’s model ship in the hearse meaning neither of them can take part in the competition.

Meanwhile, in The Rovers, Mary notices Isabella’s sticky fingers but decides to let it go for Brian’s sake. Asserting that she can’t wait for Brian to visit her in Naples, Isabella makes it clear that Mary’s not welcome.

Calling in the café in tears, Isabella tells Brian that during the renovations at her flat, the builders have discovered subsidence and it’s not safe for her to return.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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