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Jack suspended for assaulting Denzel in EastEnders

But did Denzel and Amy sleep together?

With Jack and Denise going out for the evening, Amy decides to take advantage of being home alone.

Lily is concerned to learn Amy plans to sleep with Denzel and after picking up on the fact that Lily is hiding something, Stacey finds Jack after learning what's going on.

Meanwhile, Denzel arrives at Amy’s and tells her he wants to take things slowly. As the two kiss, a raging Jack storms in and slams Denzel against the wall.

As Denise, Howie and Kim try to calm Jack down, Amy insists that nothing happened. Despite Denise doing all she can to calm the situation, Jack puts harsh punishments in place for Amy and Howie tries to talk to Denzel who assures him nothing happened. Patrick also offer Denzel some words of support.

Later, during a chat with Denise, Jack starts to calm down but after getting a call from his boss to say that he's been reported for assaulting Denzel and will be investigated, he starts throwing accusations around about who's responsible.

Back home, Jack finds Amy and Lily arguing about the incident and is surprised when Sam offers him a listening ear.

After a few drinks, Sam leans in for a kiss. Unaware that someone is watching and filming what has happened, how did Jack respond?

Sam is touched when Jack suggests Ricky spends the day with her but when she struggles to entertain him, Zack steps in. Still angry at Amy, Jack keeps her on a short leash as she lets Nugget assume she slept with Denzel.

When Jack receives the video of Sam kissing him from a mystery sender, he's stunned and later discovers that he's been suspended from work.

As Jack goes round to the Fox’s to apologise to Denzel, Denise receives the video of Sam kissing Jack and confronts Sam, unaware that Ricky has overheard.

And Amy struggles when she receives nasty messages from people at school after word wrongly spreads she slept with Denzel.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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