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Jacob and Victoria spend the night together following passionate kiss in Emmerdale

But can Jacob keep the identity of his secret girlfriend from David?

After being asked by David to make his excuses on a second date he accidentally agreed to, Jacob feels for Abby and offers to have a drink with her as a jealous Victoria watches on.

As Jacob sees Abby off, the chemistry sizzles between him and Victoria and it’s not long before the two are locked in a passionate kiss. Coming to her senses, Victoria quickly pulls away and hurries off, but Jacob’s left thrilled.

Later, David is struck with a glimmer of hope when he hears Victoria’s words of comfort as something more.

When Jacob collars Victoria, she can’t bring herself to let him leave and he seizes the chance to lunge in for a kiss.

The following day, Pollard attempts to get David to move on but he is unable to get his mind off Victoria and sets off on a mission to start repairing bridges.

Having spent the night together, Jacob and Victoria are shocked when David arrives unannounced. But after an awkward interaction, Victoria manages to get rid of David who’s left bemused at how things went down.

Later, Jacob’s relieved to hear that David is accepting things with Victoria are over but once he leaves it’s clear that’s not actually the case.

And as things start to get serious between Jacob and Victoria, Leyla is suspicious of Jacob’s secret girlfriend. This isn’t destined to end well.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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